C4L Reward Session

14 Mar C4L Reward Session

Dance Reward session – C4L Sports Clubs -Hilldene Primary School

I start with a very fun warm up.  For the main dance I always choose a song all the children would enjoy and on this workshop we did a routine to “Turn the music louder”.  I choreographed the first block teaching the children step by step keeping the moves very fun and also adding in freestyle moments.  I then get them into groups which is our “dance off creative task”.  The C4L Champion leaders are the leaders in each group.  In each group they are given 15 minutes to create their own sequence to showcase to the rest of the children.  I go around to each group helping them and giving them ideas (although this school they were fine and wanted to shuffle, which they were very good at too).  It’s brilliant to watch them create creative patterns and moves and great to see their team building.

The best part of the workshops is hearing the feedback at the end from the children “that was so good when can we do that again” and even a better comment from the boys “I normally hate dance and hide at the back but I loved it and wanted to be at the front”.