Event Information
  • Primary Events 2021-22

    View our 2021-22 Primary calendar here

  • Summer Term Calendar 2020-21

    VIRTUAL CALENDAR: See our summer term calendar here

  • Health & Wellbeing Week

    We are pleased to be launching our Health & Wellbeing Week 2021!  From Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February we have some great resources and activities for the children to access and complete.

Write Up's & Reports
  • Sportshall Athletics

    During the Autumn term we promoted the Sportshall Athletics School Games competition for infants, primary and secondary schools up to Year 8.  This was part of the London Youth Games School Games programme across London and open to all schools in all London Boroughs.

  • Autumn Term Cultural Competition

    This term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  Linked to the NHS recommendation that children aged 5 to 18 years old should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain a basic level of health, we invited children from KS1 to submit a drawing of their favourite game or activity to play indoors.  KS2 children were invited to create/design a new active game for the classroom and provide a picture and brief instructions of the activity. 

  • Cultural Competitions

    During the summer term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  The competition was an intra school event for children both in school and at home.

COVID-19 – Lockdown resources


Learn the Havering Big Dance


Workout 1 – Family fun cardio workout
Workout 2 – Family Fitness Dance Party
Workout 3 – Family HIIT Workout
Workout 4 – Family fun cardio workout 2
Workout 5 – Family Fitness Dance Party 2
Workout 6 – Family HIIT Workout 2
Workout 7 – Family fun cardio workout 3
Workout 8 – Family Fitness Dance Party 3
Workout 9 – Family fun cardio workout 4
Workout 10  – Family Fitness Dance Party 5
Workout 11 – Family HIIT Workout 3
Workout 12 – Family fun cardio workout 5
Workout 13 – VE DAY DANCE
Workout 14 – Family HIIT Workout 4
Workout 15 – Family fun cardio workout 6
Workout 16 – Family Dance Party 6
Workout 17 – Family HIIT Workout 5
Workout 18 – Family fun cardio workout 7
Workout 19 – Family Dance Party 7


Short daily challenges set by the Collective for the family to enjoy

TEMPLATES: Record your daily activity attempts and scores on our personal challenge sheet templates
Personal Challenge Sheet – Week 1
Personal Challenge Sheet – Week 2
Personal Challenge Sheet – Week 3


HES Home Learning – Primary PE
Cricket for Girls: Weekly Cricket Challenges
Cricket Chance to Shine: Weekly Challenges
imoves activities and resources
Youth Sport Trust: Free home learning resources
Youth Sport Trust: Physical Activity Bingo Card 1
Youth Sport Trust: Physical Activity Bingo Card 2
Cosmic Kids Yoga
The Body Coach: PE with Joe Wicks
Get Set 4 PE
Premier League Primary Stars
Go Noodle
BBC Super Movers
Healthy Futures: Sign up to receive a weekly food and activity log plus daily exercise videos
Yoga with Donna: Yoga sequences accessible to all ages and abilities with a focus on calmness
Sport for Confidence
Netflex: A Netflix-inspired website with quick daily workouts.
Sport England: Stay In Work Out – tips advice and guidance on how to keep or get active in and around your home.
Chelsea Foundation Resources
Active Essex:  Live workouts and activities
imoves: The imovement gets kids learning actively every day at home.  It’s FREE forever for you to use with your children aged 4- to 11-years old and features new fun activities every day.
The Power of PE: Free home learning packs to download
The Daily Mile: An easy and fun way to keep fit and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children #TheDailyMileAtHome



Education companies offering free subscriptions while children are at home
Staying Healthy – information sheet
Sunshine Support – providing online advice and guidance for individuals with special educational needs