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  • Cultural Competitions

    During the summer term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  The competition was an intra school event for children both in school and at home.

  • HES School Improvement Newsletter – Issue 2

    Find out what we are doing to support and help our community to stay active at home and school in the latest HES School Improvement Newsletter

  • Orienteering Festival

    On Tuesday 17th March we ran a Year 5 Orienteering Festival at Stubbers Adventure Centre.



Learn the Havering Big Dance


Workout 1 – Family fun cardio workout
Workout 2 – Family Fitness Dance Party
Workout 3 – Family HIIT Workout
Workout 4 – Family fun cardio workout 2
Workout 5 – Family Fitness Dance Party 2
Workout 6 – Family HIIT Workout 2
Workout 7 – Family fun cardio workout 3
Workout 8 – Family Fitness Dance Party 3
Workout 9 – Family fun cardio workout 4
Workout 10  – Family Fitness Dance Party 5
Workout 11 – Family HIIT Workout 3
Workout 12 – Family fun cardio workout 5
Workout 13 – VE DAY DANCE
Workout 14 – Family HIIT Workout 4
Workout 15 – Family fun cardio workout 6
Workout 16 – Family Dance Party 6
Workout 17 – Family HIIT Workout 5
Workout 18 – Family fun cardio workout 7
Workout 19 – Family Dance Party 7


Short daily challenges set by the Collective for the family to enjoy

TEMPLATES: Record your daily activity attempts and scores on our personal challenge sheet templates
Personal Challenge Sheet – Week 1
Personal Challenge Sheet – Week 2
Personal Challenge Sheet – Week 3


HES Home Learning – Primary PE
Cricket for Girls: Weekly Cricket Challenges
Cricket Chance to Shine: Weekly Challenges
imoves activities and resources
Youth Sport Trust: Free home learning resources
Youth Sport Trust: Physical Activity Bingo Card 1
Youth Sport Trust: Physical Activity Bingo Card 2
Cosmic Kids Yoga
The Body Coach: PE with Joe Wicks
Get Set 4 PE
Premier League Primary Stars
Go Noodle
BBC Super Movers
Healthy Futures: Sign up to receive a weekly food and activity log plus daily exercise videos
Yoga with Donna: Yoga sequences accessible to all ages and abilities with a focus on calmness
Sport for Confidence
Netflex: A Netflix-inspired website with quick daily workouts.
Sport England: Stay In Work Out – tips advice and guidance on how to keep or get active in and around your home.
Chelsea Foundation Resources
Active Essex:  Live workouts and activities
imoves: The imovement gets kids learning actively every day at home.  It’s FREE forever for you to use with your children aged 4- to 11-years old and features new fun activities every day.
The Power of PE: Free home learning packs to download
The Daily Mile: An easy and fun way to keep fit and maintain good health and wellbeing for you and your children #TheDailyMileAtHome



Education companies offering free subscriptions while children are at home
Staying Healthy – information sheet
Sunshine Support – providing online advice and guidance for individuals with special educational needs