Girls Football League C

17 Oct Girls Football League C

Girls Football League C – Thursday 13th October 2016

On Thursday 13th October at Wykeham Primary School, another fantastic girl’s football league competition took place. The day started off wet and soggy, but the girls showed great passion, sportsmanship and teamwork throughout. As the weather improved so did the players. All students were very enthusiastic and determined to do well for their team. They showed a good amount of skill and technique in all matches.

Well done to St. Albans and Rise Park who go through to the quarterfinals of the girls football league, and a massive thank you to all the schools including Squirrels Heath, Rise Park, St. Albans, Gidea Park, Crowlands and Dame Tipping for entering this tournament and making a great day for both students and staff.

‘Just to let you know, we thought the girl’s tournament today was very well organised and ran very smoothly’ – Robert Inayat (St. Albans teacher) expressing how well the tournament went.