High 5 Netball Competition

08 Oct High 5 Netball Competition

On Wednesday 2nd October, twenty primary school teams took part in our School Games High 5 Netball competition held at Hornchurch High School.  In contrast to the rainy days we’ve had in recent weeks, the sun was out in full force, encouraging the spirits of the participants.

The children from years 5 and 6 were full of energy and excitement as they played their group stage matches.  The top two teams from each group progressed to quarter finals before semi finals were played between La Salette and Nelmes and Parsonage Farm and Oakfields.  Nelmes and Parsonage Farm took the wins to progress to the final.  Congratulations to our winners Nelmes who will go on to represent Havering in the School Games finals.  Full results and be viewed here: Primary Results

Our reporters for the afternoon were Scarlett and Phoebe from Benhurst Primary School.   As our first ever reporters at an event, Scarlett and Phoebe did a fantastic job of speaking to children from various schools to find out their thoughts and feelings about they day and discover how they were picked for the competition:

‘Benhurst Primary School said their school aim is to be a team, to have teamwork and never give up and to have fun.  When asked how they were picked for the competition, the children said they went to the teachers after school club.

Harry & Jamie from Clockhouse Primary said they went for trials to get their place in the team.  They were both nervous and excited when they arrived for the afternoon but felt lucky to have the experience.  The aim of the day for Clockhouse was to win some games and work as a team.

Louise from Upminster Junior said she was picked via the school netball club.  Louise felt happy & excited about the competition.  Upminster Junior’s aim was to lift spirits and enjoy themselves, they agreed on this by discussing their ideas together.

Oakfields said they felt really energized and happy that they got so far in the competition and wished all the luck to the other finalists.’

Our School Games values for the competition were determination and teamwork.  Determination was awarded to Benhurst, La Salette & Suttons for keeping going no matter what.  Teamwork was awarded to Drapers Brookside Junior, Nelmes and Scotts for treating everyone equally.

Congratulations to all of the teams who took part in the competition and special thanks to Hornchurch High School for hosting our first event of the year.