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  • Sportshall Athletics

    During the Autumn term we promoted the Sportshall Athletics School Games competition for infants, primary and secondary schools up to Year 8.  This was part of the London Youth Games School Games programme across London and open to all schools in all London Boroughs.

  • Autumn Term Cultural Competition

    This term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  Linked to the NHS recommendation that children aged 5 to 18 years old should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain a basic level of health, we invited children from KS1 to submit a drawing of their favourite game or activity to play indoors.  KS2 children were invited to create/design a new active game for the classroom and provide a picture and brief instructions of the activity. 

  • Cultural Competitions

    During the summer term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  The competition was an intra school event for children both in school and at home.

Primary Rules

Due to COVID-19 restrictions.  All upcoming events are virtual and to be held on individual school grounds.


All the rules used for our local competitions are the same as those found on the London Youth Games website.  Please find links to the rules below:




Virtual Sitting Volleyball:
Years 3-6 Virtual Sitting Volleyball Rules


Virtual Rugby League:
Year 5/6 Virtual Rugby League Rules


Virtual Badminton Racket Pack:
Years 3-6 Virtual Badminton Racket Pack Festival Rules


Virtual Girls Football:
Years 3/4 Virtual Girls Football Rules
Years 5/6 Virtual Girls Football Rules


Virtual Basketball:
Years 5/6 Virtual Basketball Rules


Vitual Boccia:
Awaiting Rules




Virtual Sportshall Athletics:
Virtual Sportshall Athletics – Teachers Guidance Notes – Years 3 – 6
Years 3&4 Virtual Sportshall Athletics Rules
Years 5&6 Virtual Sportshall Athletics Rules
Year 1 & 2 Virtual Sportshall Athletics – Teachers Guidance Notes


Virtual Cross Country:
Virtual Cross Country Rules


Virtual Dance:
Virtual Dance Competition Toolkit
Virtual Primary Dance Rules – Years 3-6
Virtual Inclusive Dance Rules
Virtual Dance – Judges Support Pack
Virtual Dance – Judging Score Calculator


Virtual Biathlon:
Virtual Biathlon Rules