School Games Active Championships

17 Apr School Games Active Championships

We have been made aware of some users having issues gaining access to the School Games Active Championships and have the instructions below on how to get this fixed. Please note that any new users on the platform will have simple instructions to join that have now been updated on the Your School Games website.
Step 1: Add a Player ‘role’ to your Existing TopYa! Account
1. Log in to your TopYa! Coach account in the TopYa! Active app
2. Tap the top left 3-bar menu icon
3. Select Switch or Add New Role
4. Add a Player role and enter your details (including actual date of birth), then complete your player profile
Step 2: Join the Programme
1. From the app home screen, tap the blue + icon at the bottom of the page
2. Select Add Invite Code
3. Enter invite code 23880 and tap Save
4. Select both School Age Groups :
Primary School League
Secondary School League
5. Tap Save and then Okay
Step 3: Experience the Challenges

1. Tap the Skills icon at the bottom of the screen to access the School Games Active Championship monthly skill challenges!

We appreciate your understanding and your participation in the School Games Active Championship. We look forward to keeping our children and students happy, healthy and active during these times!

If there are further questions please reach out directly to Cory Nadler at [email protected]