Secondary KS3 & KS4 Dance Festival

22 Jan Secondary KS3 & KS4 Dance Festival

KS4 dance 2016On Tuesday 19th January 2016, the secondary KS3 and KS4 dance festival took place at Sacred Heart Catholic Girls School. The level 2 dance competition presented us with some creative and exciting performances from many talented students. The winners of KS3 and KS4 dance competition progress to the London School Final at The Copper Box on the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park on Wednesday 3rd February 2016.

Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College KS4 dancers performed to the music ‘Die another Day’- Madonna. Their Theme was Code Combat. “Code Combat samples a high energy choreography linking a battle of two teams. Weapons of war, rivalry, opposition, conflict and deceit are complimented through hostile and sharp dynamics. The dancers create a tense, dark atmosphere and represent the location of combat. The officer style characters unite their powers and portraying their strengths, but for the conclusion there can only be one winner”. 3 boys and 10 girls performed this piece, with the dance being 3 minutes 43 seconds long with inspiring moments of good work from the students. Abbs Cross went on to win the KS4 competition and will now perform at the Copper Box on 3rd February.

The Coopers Company and Coborn School KS3 dancers performed a delightful piece to ‘What Do You Mean’. “This dance is a fun entertaining performance demonstrating street, jazz and lyrical movements. The dance includes lines and circular concepts with a large group of girl dancers”. The fun and entertaining performance lightened up the room as 14 girls from Coopers Coborn School showed off their talent. Congratulations to the Girls and the Team Manager Stuart Crouch for a wonderful energetic piece of work.

Sacred Heart of Mary Girls School KS3 gave us a great routine, danced to ‘Putting on the Ritz’ – Passendeng Orchestra. “The dance is based on the Charleston although we have tried hard to add other styles into the dance to add some variation”. All 21 Girls worked very well together for the 3 minutes they danced and completed a high standard performance. Well done to Sacred Heart students and Helen Alder (team Manager) for presenting us with a fantastic performance.

Abbs Cross Academy and Arts College also attended the KS3 competition. 13 girls danced to ‘Proud Mary’- Glee Cast for duration of 3 minutes 41 seconds. “This dance composition portrays the journey of excitement. The Choreography begins with slow, soulful tones presenting elegant movements through the style of jazz and then develops into a fast tempo embedding a high energy and highly exciting performance. Dancers display excitement through multiple actions, dynamics and relationships in the space; portraying vigour, drive and compound ‘BURTS’ of enthusiasm”. This performance was energetic to watch. Congratulations to Miss Laura Monaghan and the dancers for a terrific performance which will now take them to the Copper Box to represent Havering at the London Finals.

Hall Mead School KS3 gave us a brilliant performance as they danced to ‘Worth it’- Fifth Harmony. The duration of the dance was a wonderful 2 minutes, 10 seconds, giving us a lively, fun and energetic piece, designed to make you smile. It was a mix of hip hop and street, creating the feel of this generation dance styles. All 7 girls that performed were delightful to watch. Congratulations to the 7 girls and the team managers Danielle Sorrell and Michelle Morgan.

KS3 dance 2016