Sportshall Athletics

05 Jan Sportshall Athletics

During the Autumn term we promoted the Sportshall Athletics School Games competition for infants, primary and secondary schools up to Year 8.  This was part of the London Youth Games School Games programme across London and open to all schools in all London Boroughs.  The competition took place over 5 events – standing long jump, speed bounce, shuttle run, chest push and a beanbag throw for infants and a vertical jump for primary and secondary schools.

The children took part in the events on their school sites with the scores being recorded on special spreadsheets.  The spreadsheets were submitted to the Havering Sports Collective for verification so that we could produce a Havering leaderboard.  In the year 3/4, 5/6 and 7/8 competitions the winning schools were submitted to London Youth Games as Havering representatives in the London wide competition, the results of which will be announced in Spring 2021.

In the Year 1 & 2 competition there were  678 children who took part in the events.  Harold Wood were the winners from the Year 1 event and Mawney were the winners for the Year 2 event.  Congratulations to both schools and all the children who entered these events.

Our primary competition was made up with a Year 3/4 event and a Year 5/6 event with 1939 children active across 15 schools with some excellent results scored throughout the competition.  Congratulations go to St Joseph’s Catholic Primary School for winning the Year 3/4 event and Benhurst Primary School for winning the Year 5/6 event.  Both schools have now been entered into the London School Games event where their scores will be set against other winning schools across all London Boroughs to find the eventual winners.

We had 4 schools with a total of 585 students participate in the Year 7/8 competition with separate events for boys and girls.  As with the primary schools competition the winners represent Havering at the London School Games finals with their scores being set against other Borough winners to find the overall champions.  The Coopers Company and Coborn School were the winners of both Year 7 events and the girls Year 8 event with The Campion School winning the Year 8 Boys event.

Congratulations to all students and schools who entered the events and good luck to our winning schools in the next round.

Full Results can be viewed under the pages Primary Results and Secondary Results.