St.Alban’s Health Day

26 Jan St.Alban’s Health Day

The C4L team and the Smoothie Bike went off to visit St Albans Primary on 26th January. We met all 7 classes from Reception to Year 6 and started with lots of fun with portion sizes and the Eatwell Plate.

Using sugar cubes, we were able to show the younger children how much sugar is found in everyday products their parents buy.  The older children became ‘sugar sleuths’ and investigated hidden sugars by reading labels and using the new Change4Life Sugar Smart app (we tried this out in the staff room at lunchtime too!)

Everybody helped to prepare fruit for blending on the famous Smoothie Bike and there was lots of loud cheering for the teachers who were great sports on the day (although Mr Inayat did think he was in the Tour de France)

An excellent day and we had some great feedback from the children, who asked some intelligent questions throughout.