Year 2 Football Competition

03 Oct Year 2 Football Competition

The Year 2 football competition, held on Wednesday 28th September 2017 kicked off the year’s primary school competition calendar in true style.  A sea of brightly coloured shirts arrived at Play Football in Romford, full of anticipation and eagerness to get the games underway.

Staff from the Chelsea FC Foundation did a fantastic job of organising the competition and keeping it running on schedule. Thirteen schools entered the 5 a side competition, with 16 teams taking part across 3 groups.  Each team played 5 matches in the group stages. Each match lasted 8 minutes.  Excitement was in the air as the group matches were played.  High energy and great enthusiasm were displayed from both the teams and the spectators, with shouts of encouragement being heard from the side lines full of parents and teacher supporters.  Such was the enjoyment that the teams were organising friendlies among themselves in between their matches!

Great sportsmanship was displayed throughout the competition, with handshakes, 3 cheers & high fives after each match.


As the group stages concluded, the quarter finalists were revealed as Squirrels Heath, Ardleigh Green, St Joseph’s A, Clockhouse A, Benhurst, Parsonage Farm, Wykeham A and Wykeham B.

Winners of the quarter finals were Ardleigh Green, St Joseph’s A, Parsonage Farm and Wykeham A.  Semi-final matches were drawn as Ardleigh Green vs Parsonage Farm and St Joseph’s A vs Wyekham A.

Both semi-finals were exceptionally close and the teams played with real passion.  The goal keepers for Ardleigh Green and Parsonage Farm made some great saves, but in the end it was Ardleigh Green that took the win 2-1.  The game with St Josephs’ A and Wykeham went right down to the wire with the score at 3-3 after 8 minutes.  An additional 2 minutes were played and it looked as though it might go to sudden death, but a penalty awarded to Wykeham 45 seconds before the final whistle took them through to the final.

P1060076 P1060079

The final was nail-biting, both teams worked really hard but eventually Ardleigh Green took the win with 1 goal.   Congratulations to Ardleigh Green and all of the finalists.


Full results for the whole competition can be found here: Year 2 football results.

Each school in attendance received a School Games Values certificate for displaying the criteria required to meet the value.  These awards were based on the team behaviour and attitude demonstrated during the group matches and were all very well earned.


Self Belief: Rise Park, Benhurst and Oakfields had the self belief and confidence to succeed and reach their personal best.

Honesty: St Peter’s, Ardleigh Green and Parsonage Farm promoted fairness throughout the matches.

Respect: St Joseph’s B, Clockhouse A and Wykeham A treated others politely and with understanding.

Determination: Scotts, James Oglethorpe and St Joseph’s A were committed and pushed themselves to be the very best they could be.

Passion: Squirrels Heath and Clockhouse B approached each match with enthusiasm and positivity.

Team Work: Wykeham B and Newtons supported each other and worked together to have fun and achieve their best.

One of the many joys of school sports is the inclusiveness, the fact that regardless of skill level, everyone is welcome and for some this can mean experiencing a new sport.  This was demonstrated at the competition with entrants ranging from those who had only recently tried football, to those who regularly play for local clubs.  Regardless of skill level, all participants embraced the spirit of the competition – and most importantly, had fun.

More photos of the day can be found in the gallery.  Thank you to all of those who were involved in making the competition a success.