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    • Health & Wellbeing Week

      We are pleased to be launching our Health & Wellbeing Week 2021!  From Monday 22nd February to Friday 26th February we have some great resources and activities for the children to access and complete. READ MORE

    • Havering TopYa! Active Virtual Competition

      The Havering TopYa Virtual competition is a series of skill based challenges to help students to improve their PE skills - and help their school climb the Havering leaderboard. READ MORE

    • Havering Walking Challenge

      We are inviting all Havering school children and their families to join our Havering Walking Challenge to see how many times we can walk the circumference of the earth. READ MORE

  • Write Ups & Reports

    • Sportshall Athletics

      During the Autumn term we promoted the Sportshall Athletics School Games competition for infants, primary and secondary schools up to Year 8.  This was part of the London Youth Games School Games programme across London and open to all schools in all London Boroughs. Read more →

    • Autumn Term Cultural Competition

      This term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  Linked to the NHS recommendation that children aged 5 to 18 years old should do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain a basic level of health, we invited children from KS1 to submit a drawing of their favourite game or activity to play indoors.  KS2 children were invited to create/design a new active game for the classroom and provide a picture and brief instructions of the activity.  Read more →

    • Cultural Competitions

      During the summer term we ran a cultural competition for children in key stage 1 and another for key stage 2.  The competition was an intra school event for children both in school and at home. Read more →

Welcome to Havering Sports Collective

Network of primary and secondary schools in the London Borough of Havering, hosted by the School Games Organisers to provide opportunities for young people to take part in competitive sport and physical activity.

COVID-19 Update

Welcome back to the Spring Term where again we are being asked to stay at home and maintaining physical activity becomes more important.  Our designated COVID-19 area of the website provides links to competitive opportunities and workouts, along with links and resources to keep you active at home.

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Collaborator Events

From time to time, our Collaborators may ask us to make you aware of their clubs, holiday camps or other special occasions. All information will be shared here: Collaborator Events

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